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Pick your own pumpkins

October 9, 2014

Pumpkin picking

A pumpkin is the epitome of Fall. Having one on the front porch is almost a rite of passage for the weather to finally get cold and for Halloween to arrive. Picking your own pumpkin out of the field is even more festive. Growing up, all I would have to do is walk into our 10 acres of gardens and clip one off the vine. This year was truly my first pumpkin patch experience, and I really enjoyed it. We headed into the farmland of Pungo and stopped at Cullipher Farm‘s pumpkin patch, a few miles away from their farm stand. Armed with very large clipper shears, and tugging a metal wagon, we trudged into fields full of gleaming orange and white pumpkins. THE perfect pumpkin was out there, and we were going to find it. And pick it, we did (along with a wagon full of assorted sizes & colors).

To find the perfect patch: Cullipher Farm | Hunt Club Farm | Brookdale Farm

Painted pumpkins