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The more you know: Trick-or-treating 2015

October 31, 2015


Trick-or-treating in Virginia Beach begins at dusk and ends at 8:00 p.m. for children 12 years old and younger.

Please leave your porch light ON if you are handing out treats!

Plan your route before you head out, and make sure you bring flashlights, glow sticks, reflectors so you can be seen in the dark.

For those children with food allergies, look for a teal pumpkin on the porch of your neighbors.

And, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Happy Halloween!

(For additional trick-or-treating safety tips from the City of Virginia Beach)

Painted pumpkins



Local Spots

A Review: The Stockpot

October 28, 2015

The Stock Pot Round MirrorThe Begger & CoffeeThe BeggerThe Stock Pot Burrito
Cookies & Cream & baby booties

Ever since The Stockpot opened their brick and mortar location at 700 19th Street in Virginia Beach, I’ve been looking forward to trying their “healthy comfort food”. Today, a friend and I stopped in for a spur of the moment breakfast. Having perused their menu earlier in the day, I immediately ordered the “Begger”, along with a cup of dark coffee. We settled into a spot near the large windows and waited for our meal. We instantly admired the large frames of lush green succulents decorating the long wall of the cafe. When I asked who had built the frames, the owner shared with us that they had and that he also mentioned that he was surprised at how many succulents it took to complete the project. I almost asked him if he could build me a frame of succulents! Our food was in front of us in no time, piping hot. And oh my goodness was it delicious! Everything about my breakfast sandwich was perfect, from the runny egg, to the size of the sausage, to the toasted biscuit. More customers began filtering in as the cafe became busier, and the staff bustled around. My friend and I decided to split a piece of their mouth watering Cookies & Cream cake, because hey why not. The chocolate was gooey yet firm, melt in your mouth in seconds. We went back and forth on what extra flavors we were tasting, and one of the gals said it was probably the cayenne flakes.

The Stockpot is most definitely kid friendly, a warm atmosphere with great lighting, friendly and welcoming staff (even a familar face from the Fresh Fare Cafe days!), a reasonably priced menu of healthy comfort food, and a great location. I’ll definitely be back, especially to try their soups! They are open Monday thru Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and are closed on Sundays.

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Picking Perfect Pumpkins in Pungo

October 13, 2015

Pick your own Pumpkins

Wagon Ride

Cullipher Farm Market Pumpkin Patch

Sunflower Maze & Cinderlla Pumpkin

One of my favorite Fall traditions to do with my family is to head out into the Pungo farmland, and pick pumpkins.Nothing screams “Fall” more than the fresh cool air, vast green fields filled to the brim with pumpkins and gourds of assorted colors, shapes, and sizes. Not to mention the thrill of tugging a metal wagon to pile high with festive decor, and you get to use extra large clipper shears to slice through the vines. Round it out with mazes winding through sunflowers, cotton and corn, and you’ve got yourself quite a nice Autumn activity!

Our “go-to” farm to hunt for the perfect pumpkin is at Cullipher Farm Market‘s pumpkin patch. We scooped up their Groupon (it expires November 1st), and headed out on a Friday afternoon. The 23 mile car ride to Cullipher’s patch didn’t phase my boys, the excitement of the impending adventure kept them entertained, and they loved to point out the horses in pastures or guess what was planted in various fields as we drove closer to our destination. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, as white puffs of clouds dotted blue skies with a sunny yet crisp breeze. As it was a weekday afternoon, we shared the “pumpkin town” with only a handful of other families. As we trekked through the 8 acres of fields, my four year old son wanted every single pumpkin he came across. Hard to choose from so many well shaped “perfect” pumpkins! After a bit of negotiations from my part on how many we could take with us, we settled on three orange pumpkins (one with cool “spikes”), and a green cinderella pumpkin. Saving the mazes for last, we navigated our way through a field of friendly sunflowers, while listening to the happy honeybees buzz in the blooms. The kids enjoyed the cotton and corn maze, and the main topic of discussion the entire ride home was about how our clothes were made of cotton. As usual, Mr. Cullipher ended up making an appearance at the patch. Always fun to catch up with him and hear how his family is doing! On our way home, we also made sure to hit up the Farm Market for seasonal treats and locally grown produce, located just a few miles North of the pumpkin patch.

It was so much fun, it makes me want to go back and do it all again this week!

Cullipher’s Pumpkin Patch is open Wednesdays – Sundays, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Their hayrides run on the weekends only.

Happy Fall ya’ll!

Looking for pumpkin patches located throughout Hampton Roads? I recommend checking out’s 2015 BIG LIST of Pumpkin Patches.