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February 1, 2016

Just asking...

A word with: Karen of Fancy Fonts Shop

February 1, 2016

Karen P of Fancy Fonts

After following Karen on Instagram for years, I reached out to her last Fall and asked if she would be interested in making personalized items to gift at Christmas. We met at Commune, and over a delicious lunch, several cups of coffee, and passing the baby back and forth, we talked about our families, beach living, and of course all things “fancy”. We realized we had a lot in common, and could’ve probably sat and talked all afternoon had we not had children to pick up and errands to run! When Christmas time rolled around, the mugs, ornaments, and chalkboard sign that Karen had created were a HUGE hit with my family and friends. I even gifted myself a slightly inappropriate mug that I absolutely adore and use it every single day!

Chief Fancy Officer at Fancy Fonts Shop. I’ve been trying to stop telling people I’m “just” a stay at home mom. Being home while my kids are young has presented me with the opportunity to start my own business making custom, hand lettered gifts. Wood signs, chalkboards, piggy banks, and Christmas ornaments. The list of Fancy continues to grow each year. I have found my niche in creating items for people they can’t find in stores – a mug or Christmas ornament with an inside joke written on it, a wall sign with a baby’s unique name – you want it written, I’m your girl.

Taking advantage of all Virginia Beach has to offer. My little family and I are big fans of being outside, whether it’s running, riding bikes, playing at the beach or any of our plentiful neighborhood parks. And is instagramming a hobby? Because I also love snapping pics with my iPhone and sharing.

Are YOU a VB “local”?
If by “local” you mean born and raised, then no. I grew up near NYC and vacationed at my aunt’s house in VB every summer. I moved here in 2003, jobless and on a whim, and am currently in the middle of my happily ever after.

Favorite family activity to do in Virginia Beach
Beach. A thousand times beach. My husband surfs and has been teaching our two daughters to surf since they could walk. I’ll give it a go every now and then, but I get way more joy watching (and taking pics and videos of) them.

Top 5 “must have” items for going to the beach
For me? Sunscreen, hat, chair, water, phone (for pics, of course). For the family? Sunscreen, snacks, surfboards.

A perfect date with your significant other
Riding beach cruisers to the oceanfront for dinner and drinks.

Favorite restaurant(s)
Flip Flops, Lucky Oyster, Waterman’s Surfside Grille, 11th Street Taphouse, Doc Taylor’s – anywhere my whole family can leave with a full belly and a little left in the wallet, too.

Go-to drink(s) at the moment
COFFEE. But I could always go for an orange crush.

Something you CAN’T live without
See previous answer in all caps. And a few runs per week.

What’s on your bucket list?
I’ve never traveled outside of the US (with the exception of a few hours across the Canadian border). I’d love to put a few stamps on my passport. And lately, running the NYC Marathon has been whispering to me.

Local tip
If you’re lucky enough to live here, do yourself a favor and enjoy it. Get outside and play.

Any events in Hampton Roads that you’re looking forward to?
It’s not exactly an event, but I’m excited to see how the ViBe Creative District grows. There are incredibly talented artists and makers right here in our neighborhoods, and they bring hustle and heart to this city. Appreciate them. Support them. It’s a win-win.

What is your motto?
Just be. And handle your ummmm…stuff.

Karen’s Fancy Fonts Shop: Instagram | Facebook