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A Review: HIT & Run, Fitness Boutique

May 12, 2016

HIT & Run - 2 week free trial

If you follow me over on Instagram (or know me personally), you’ve probably scratched your head and wondered aloud “Why the hell is Tessa up at 5:00 a.m. to WORKOUT?! That’s crazy talk!” I couldn’t agree with you more on that last part. Setting an legit alarm (NOT a hungry baby alarm) for 4:25 a.m. is totally nuts.

So what sparked this bizarre out-of-character behavior for me? Well, it was mix of two things. The first being of how I currently feel about my body image, not good. The second, was meeting Riya and Tara of HIT & Run, at the Creative Union Dinner last month. Immediately after the dinner, Tara emailed to invite me to come check out their studio for a FREE two week trial. What did I have to lose? Nothing. This was the exact push I needed to box jump my way out of my comfort zone and start my path to getting fit and feeling good again about my body. Tara’s “Mom’s to Muscles” guest post on my blog also helped to throw a little extra motivation my way.

On the spot, I sat down with my calendar to schedule out HIT classes for (almost) everyday over the two week period. Their Mind Body was extremely easy to use, and I was locked into my new fitness regimen in no time at all. My husband was even on board to stay home a few mornings a week a bit later so I could attend a few 5:00 a.m. classes, imagine that?!

I wasn’t nervous about trying something new, I just didn’t know what to expect or how my body was going to perform or hold up. My only experience with legit “working out”, was about 9 years ago when I was chasing down my future husband. After succeeding in snagging him (which is a whole other story!), I moved on to other forms of exercise that were more comfortable to my dance background like Zumba and eventually Barre Fitness, which I currently teach.

Start with a bang, right? My first HIT class was at 5:00 a.m. on a Monday. Doesn’t everyone start something new and scary on a Monday? Thankfully, two friends in my neighborhood were planning on attending the class, so we all carpooled which made the inevitable workout not seem so terrifying. The first classes wasn’t as awful as I had assumed it would be. The exercises were easy to understand, and not super hard to execute. I quickly felt my body’s muscle memory kick in as I instinctively tucked my belly button to my spine and flattened my back throughout the workouts. I was surprised at my strength and endurance, and how much I was sweating. It felt good, dare I say it.

By day four, my body felt really run down. Remember how you felt at those pre-season tryouts in High School? That’s exactly how I felt. Everything hurt. Badly. I couldn’t get up and down the stairs, I couldn’t lift my arms to wash my hair, I couldn’t even pick up my 25 pound baby! But as weird as it may sound, the muscle soreness felt amazing. By day six, after mixing in several barre fitness classes my body kicked into gear, and I started to feel strong and capable. I had gotten over the hump and I was on the road to accomplish something that I truly wanted for myself.

Over the course of two weeks, I attended 9 classes at HIT & Run. A few 5:00 a.m. ones, a lot at 9:15 a.m., and two on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. All with the various HIT instructors; Jon, Tara, Jocelyn, & Scott.

All the people I met couldn’t have been nicer or more supportive. I really liked the small group classes, it didn’t feel crowded or overwhelming with bodies. I never once felt uncomfortable or scared during a class or doing an exercise. I never once felt bad about about myself for being a little behind on a rep or using a lighter weight. The instructors demonstrated and explained each exercise to a perfect “t”, and they answered questions and corrected posture throughout the class. From the motivating and uplifting music, to the positive people who were working out alongside me, and to the energy in the room, it was all worth it to step out of my comfort zone and to make an impact.

What I learned over the past two weeks:

  1.  Daily workouts means doing laundry every day (I usually do everyone else’s first).
  2.  I totally need new work-out clothes because I’m working out more (See above).
  3.  Wearing sneakers that are five years old don’t make your feet happy… My Nike Frees arrived last week (I literally cannot stop wearing them).
  4.  I despise burpees & pull-ups with a PASSION. And, don’t get me started on 1-legged burpees!
  5.  I am much stronger and have more endurance than I thought I did.
  6.  I need to give myself more credit as to what I can accomplish fitness wise.
  7.  Set a goal & stick with it!
  8.  Scheduling the workouts ahead of time helped me to hold myself accountable.

THANK YOU to everyone at HIT & Run for helping me see my potential, and to gently push me in the direction of getting fit. I will definitely be back!

(Just got a little teary writing this!)

P.s. The 2 week FREE trial they are offering expires on May 13th, use the PromoCode: THANKS. I highly recommend giving HIT & Run a whirl!

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