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The handwritten note

November 18, 2014

Letter to Grandma

When I open my mailbox and see a handwritten address on an envelope sticking out from the bills, flyers & coupons, it makes me smile. Don’t you just love getting notes too?

My mother was a thank-you-note “stickler.” We wrote thank-you’s for every occasion. Looking back now, I’m thankful that she kept on us, and helped us to create a good habit of expressing our gratitude to our loved ones. However, as I moved out on my own, I wasn’t as organized with keeping up with my notes. I do apologize to Ms. Emily Post, who is probably rolling over in her grave thinking of those forgotten thank-you’s that haven’t been written.

Recently I’ve made more of a conscious effort to send notes on a regular basis. It could be a short note to my grandmother, sharing with her what my kids are up to at the moment. Or scribbling a few lines to my best friend, just because.

I take joy in picking the perfect pen and digging through my collection of stationery to find the ideal card. Writing the note is the fun part, without hesitation, diving in and writing whatever. Keeping it simple and matter-of-fact is the easiest, talking about what you’ve recently done, or something you’re looking forward to doing. I always slip in a few sentences inquiring on how they are doing or what’s new in their life. Addressing the envelope is my next favorite part. Often it takes a few minutes to find their address in my tattered and worn address book. And I always have a few “forever” stamps tucked in my wallet. Placing it in the mailbox and moving the flag to the upright position gives me a sense of accomplishment and leaves me feeling great about re-connecting with that person to whom the note is addressed.

That said, I’m now reminded that it’s time to write Grandma Betty her weekly letter.

What you’ll need to write a note:
• One “Forever” stamp
• An up-to-date book with your important addresses
A piece of paper (plain paper, notecard, sticky note, paper napkin, ANYTHING!)
A writing tool (pen, pencil, marker, crayon)
5 minutes
A mailbox

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