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Ice Skating in Virginia Beach

December 12, 2014

Vintage Ice Skating TessaDo you remember the first time you squeezed your feet into a pair of ice skates?

I was four years old.

In Vermont, most people grow up skiing. I figure skated.

Back then Lake Champlain froze, as did our driveway (very often). So there were a lot of opportunities to practice my skating moves. I fondly remember my green lycra leotard with a skirt attached. Underneath it, was a VERY thick layer of tights, wool socks & a turtleneck. I still have the stack of colorful skating badges that I had worked so hard to earn. I loved the way it felt racing friends across the rink, pushing your legs to go as fast as you could possibly . After skating lessons, we would sit in the bleachers of Gutterson Fieldhouse as the Vermont Ice Hockey Team barreled onto the ice. I was always disappointed when the players failed to perform a “sit spin” or “swizzle”, and instead raced around and around and slammed into the walls.

When I asked my mother what she remembers from those years, she told me that I fell on the ice, A LOT. And that the ice rink was freezing cold. Unfortunately, my figure skating career didn’t last past the realization that I would have to propel myself up into the air, and land on the ice balancing my entire body on ONE sharp thin blade. No thanks.

You can only imagine my excitement when I saw that an ice rink was being built in the Rudee Inlet loop, right off 3rd street in Virginia Beach. The Oceanfront Ice Park opened on November 26th, and has been going strong ever since.

This is the perfect activity to do with your family, friends, or on a romantic winter wonderland date!

What you’ll need to go ice skating at The Oceanfront Ice Park
Thick, warm, and comfy socks
Warm and comfortable clothes that you can move around in
• $12 for admission & skate rental
• Be over the age of 4 years old
 Call ahead to make sure there isn’t a private party: 757-296-3404

Local/Community Resources & Online Inspiration
Wikipedia’s definition of ice skates
 Glossary of Figure Skating Terms
• Pinterest


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