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Hands On: DIY succulents in a half pint mason jar

November 1, 2014

Jar o succulent

Ever since my brother-in-law’s succulent filled wedding in Big Sur, I have admired these fantastic little plants. Each time I visit the West Coast, I find myself returning with succulents wrapped in tin foil and wet paper towels in my carry on. I am pleased to report that several years later, these plants are happy (and alive) in my house.

When I started planning my friend’s shower, I knew she would appreciate a green and earthy vibe. I immediately set out to create a shower favor that was attractive, fun, easy & quick to do, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. I like the simple look of the half pint ball jars, and combining that with a succulents varying in shape and height produces a delightful mini-arragement.

You’ll need:

A variety of succulents/cacti/small plants
• Cactus/succulent soil: 2 bags
• Small pebbles: 2 bags
• Spanish moss (or living moss): 1 bag
• Jars/containers/vases: 12 half pint mason jars
• A spoon
Gardening clippers to trim succulents
Scissors to cut moss
• 2 hours (give and take)
Supplies for mini succulent favors

The plan of attack

  1. Assemble supplies in your workspace
  2. Separate plants (especially the clumps of succulents) and clean up the roots
  3. Layer the pebbles into jar
  4. Add soil – pack down (but not too tightly)
  5. Add plants – three succulents/plants per jar
  6. Moss at the top
  7. Spritz with water
  8. Admire your work

Tips for keeping plants happy & ALIVE: Water the soil a little but they don’t like their roots to be drowning, and spray the leaves of the succulents every couple of days. Bright indirect light is preferred, don’t let them get too cold (not near a window during winter).

Local/Community Resources & Online Inspiration
• London Bridge Greenhouses & Nursery (soil & moss)
• Glass Gardens by John (Instagram)
• My DIY Succulent Pinterest Board

Succulent favors

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